FAREDE - Injetados Plásticos e Ferramentaria


Shoes accessories

Farede invests in the manufacture of products for the sports, shoe industry, developed uniquely according to our customers’ needs, with quality and accuracy.


Injected counters, developed according to each customer’s requirements, scale contours, specific materials, etc. They are used for structuring and providing comfort in sports tennis shoes, futsal shoes, football shoes, lifestyle shoes, protection shoes, etc.

Shoes and football shoes soles

Made of TPU or PVC, TR, one-colored, two-colored or three-colored, developed uniquely according to each customer’s needs.

Stabilizer Frames

Used to give stability and visual finishing to tennis shoes. They can be developed according to the customer’s need.

Eyelets and labels

These accessories provide a perfect finishing to tennis shoes, sandals, shoes, papete sandals, bags, etc., besides improving the look of the products and promote the brand. Several models, sizes and colors.

Farede Injetados Plásticos e Ferramentaria
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